West Ham vs Liverpool Preview


If Jurgen Klopp manages to win a title with this Liverpool squad he will undoubtedly go down in the Reds history as the manager who ended their 28-year drought for a Premier League title. The battle for the title is far from over and it will be a tough job since Man City are patiently waiting for any mistake. The question entering this fixture is whether West Ham can help with that?

It’s tough to say, since they enter this game after a decent stretch of games but nothing spectacular. When they play at home they are a tough team to beat, proven by defeating Arsenal couple of matchdays ago but considering Arsenal’s form this season, it’s a debatable question whether that should be a noted feat. 

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On the other hand, Liverpool looks as good as they looked all season. Their only loss came to Manchester City who beat them 2-1 on Etihad in a match where they really didn’t play well. Other than that, they’ve been quite convincing demolishing both Arsenal and Newcastle, outscoring them 9-1. Liverpool are obviously the better team and they need to win against lesser teams if they plan on winning the title this year. They haven’t got any injuries, they didn’t lose anybody in the transfer period and their defence finally looks good again after many years of rather poor play in front of their own goal. 

West Ham won’t have many chances as they simply don’t play good enough at the moment to challenge Liverpool. They also have many injuries as even Arnautovic is in doubt for this match. Without all of those players, the gap in quality between to two teams becomes even more evident and it will show on the pitch. Prediction? Liverpool to win this without any problems.


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