Tottenham vs Arsenal Preview


During the last few weeks as we anticipated the North London derby many of us thought that Tottenham would be entering the game as huge favourites especially since Harry Kane came back. Well, they are favourites but not huge ones as they now have lost two straight games. Last night they were easily beaten by a Chelsea side who are probably the most dysfunctional team in the Premier league at the moment. How will they fare against Arsenal is a good question?

Arsenal, on the other hand, have won 3 straight they played in the Premier league demolishing a decent Bournemouth side with 5-1 last night. It looks like they have finally figured out how to play especially going forward as they are now starting to score more often and more easily.

Tottenham vs Arsenal live stream info and live score

It’s a trend they need to see continue if they want to finish off the season on a high note. They currently sit in the 4th place slightly ahead of Man United and Chelsea and only 4 points behind Tottenham so the battle for the two Champions League places will be an epic one as four really good teams are battling for it.

It’s because of that, that this game is enormously important for both teams. Tottenham could solidify himself or they could endanger their position in the standings. It’s really going be an interesting match as the Spurs play at home and are the better team yet in worse form right now.

Arsenal does have a chance in this match even though their chances are rather slim. Recent matches between them prove Tottenham to be the favourite but only a slight one as it’s hard to predict what will happen. We should see goals, but the three points could go either way.


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