Real Madrid vs Barcelona Preview


On March 2, Barcelona and Real Madrid will play the match that the whole world looks forward to. This is one of the most expected matches in football, with millions of fans from all over the globes fretting their time while waiting to see the outcome of this stellar clash. 

The match that will be played at the beginning of March is no different. Quite the opposite, it will be crucial for both teams, as Barca looks to affirm their dominance of Pyrenean peninsula, by winning their fifth, consecutive title, while Real would look to finally come back to terms with their consistently meagre domestic form.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona Live Streaming Info and Live Score

In the last few years, Real Madrid obviously focused more on the Champions League, having won 3 titles in this competition in a row. But, it seems almost impossible for one club to compete at the highest level in both domestic and European campaigns. Will Real Madrid finally achieve this? We’ll have to wait a bit more to see.

The two sides clashed very recently, and, at least according to these matches, it’s impossible to set these clubs apart. They drew in the first leg of Copa del Rey semi-finals, 1:1, while Barca won 3:0 in the second leg.

But are not so good when we take their recent results in all competitions, for Real Madrid at least. The club coming from Spain’s capital was very recently defeated at their Santiago Bernabeu, 2:1 when the players showed incredible inefficiency and lack of motivation against Girona. 

To make things even worse for Real, Barcelona’s players are certainly thrilled by their win over Sevilla. In the match that ended in 4:2 win, we were yet again able to see Messi’s genius. And honestly, one can only bow to Messi’s impeccable form. He scored another hat-trick, 50th in his career.

But even more amazing was the way he scored these 3 goals in the match against Sevilla, particularly the first one. Messi did one of the hardest things to do in football- while thanking Rakitic for his amazing cross, Messi got time to catch a deadly volley, and practically launched the ball into the keeper’s top right corner. The ball had to travel some 15 meters, but its speed was just too much for Sevilla’s goalkeeper.

What a marvelous display of technique, skill, and power! If it weren’t for this first beauty, we would probably be taken aback by the two other goals Messi scored. The second came after a nice right foot shot from the edge of the box, while the third one was Messi’s delicacy- he simply chipped the goalkeeper after a misunderstanding in Sevilla’s defense.


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