Leverkusen vs Bayern Munich Preview


Bayer Leverkusen against Bayern Munich was for many years one of the premier matches you could watch in the Bundesliga. It’s not as premier as it once was but it always delivers a great match considering the history and tradition between the two teams.

Bayern enters this game in a situation which is not very familiar to them. Their not placed 1st on the standings but instead they are trailing six points behind Borussia Dortmund. The last time they trailed a team at this point of the season was a few years ago when they lost the title to Borussia Dortmund.

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The hosts Bayer enter this contest mostly confused because if you asked any Leverkusen fan how they are placed 9th in the standings you might only get a shrug of shoulders since nobody knows. It’s again one of those odd Bundesliga storylines. They have a team that is far better than the standings make them out to be but they just aren’t delivering on the pitch. Not all hope is lost since they are only 7 points out of the Champions League qualification so they are still in the race. To do that they need wins but a win against Bayern doesn’t look likely. 

Bayern decided to string an admirable stretch of games where they won all 6 of their last contest. It’s a trend they need to see continue if they want to catch Borussia at the top. The hosts enter this game with 4 wins in the last 6 matches so in a pretty decent form which makes this game even more interesting. Bayern is the clear favourite but Leverkusen might have a thing to say as this match looks to be a high scoring one which should give joy to the neutral eye. 


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