Lazio vs Juventus Preview


Can Lazio bounce back?

If they would be facing any other team than the one they’re facing on Sunday it might have been a legitimate question, but since their facing Juventus, it’s rather clear what might happen. In last weeks match Lazio had a decent showing against Napoli ultimately losing 2-1. The result was close but for anybody who watched the match knows that the end result was never really in doubt.

Napoli controlled the match from the beginning as the gap in quality was evident early on. Now they are gonna face an, even more, stronger side in Juventus who didn’t slow down over the winter break. First, they dispatched Milan in the Supercup final after which they won convincingly over Chievo Verona despite Ronaldo’s bad showing.
When we look at the recent history between the two teams Juventus were pretty dominant but Lazio did manage to win 2 years ago in Turin. That was their only victory in the last 6 matches they played against them.

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They usually had trouble scoring against a stellar Juventus defence and since they have scoring issues this season as well it’s hard to see how that trend is gonna discontinue.
Juventus are the absolute favourites against Lazio as they have everything going their way matchup-wise. They enter this contest having rested key players like Pjanic and have been playing very good lately. Especially on the defensive end as they aren’t allowing opponents much chance wise. It has to be said that Lazio plays at home where they are much more dangerous and Juventus have shown they can have lapses in focus so I wouldn’t totally discard the possibility of Lazio scoring a goal but all in all their chances for a positive outcome are rather slim.


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