Fiorentina vs Napoli Preview & Live Stream Info


A very interesting match is set to happen this weekend between a soaring Fiorentina Squad and a Napoli squad that is in the middle of a bad stretch – sorta. 

After demolishing Roma 7-1 in the cup in a game where they looked like a supreme team in every aspect against Roma they followed it up with a meh performance against Udinese which earned them only 1 point in a 1-1 draw.

Fiorentina is a very interesting squad, they some young players that arguably in a few years might be superstars. Their build-up play is solid along with the defence. After a few years struggling with mediocrity, they finally look like a team that might place higher than 10th. Admittedly a lot of teams have been playing worse than many expected which probably helped them. 

Fiorentina vs Napoli live stream info, lineups and live score

On the other side, Napoli has lost a game against a Milan team that looked very determined to win that game. Napoli just couldn’t stop Piatek who is playing exceptionally well this season. After that, they followed it up with an easy 3-0 victory over a good Sampdoria squad. For the sake of the argument, you could say that Napoli has been struggling a bit but not that much. They lost a game against Milan that they necessarily didn’t even want to win. 

In this match, we might see quite a few goals. With Chiesa and Simeone Fiorentina have proven to be very efficient at scoring goals. Napoli prowess in that department is also widely known.

Looking at former matches it’s easy to see a trend that should see Napoli beat Fiorentina again because they are the better team and in a shootout have the better defence which should see them prevail. Carlo Ancelotti knows hot to beat teams like that.


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