Everton vs Liverpool Preview


The Merseyside Derby is unlike any other derby in the world. The opposing stadiums are located only a mile apart which is unheard of in the football world and there isn’t much animosity between the fans. Many fans speak fondly of the other team going so far as to cheer for them against other teams.  It’s quite an interesting dynamic built upon respect as it should be.

Liverpool, the more famous of the two, demolished a good Watford side last night 5-0 in a display of dominance showing the whole world that they are fit enough to be Premier League Champions. It was a great display a very needed one after two draws and very bad showings. They are only one point ahead of a superb Man City squad and if they want to avoid losing the title in the last few matchdays like they did a couple of years ago they need to start playing as they can play.

Everton vs Liverpool live stream info and live score

Everton, on the other hand, are not having a very memorable season at all. When you look at their position on the standings (9th) you could argue that that’s a very Everton-like season in general. But if you take a closer look you’ll notice they are nearer the 15th spot than the 7th which leads to European Football. Their form is even worse as they have lost 3 of the last 4 matches they played. 

Generally, when they face Liverpool at Goodison they put in an admirable display, but recent form by the two squads seems to suggest that this time around they will lose easily. Liverpool is in better form and they need points so it’s hard to see how they will not win this match especially as Everton’s defence won’t be able to stop Liverpool three-headed monster up front.


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