Borussia Dortmund vs Hoffenheim Preview & Live Stream Info


Dortmund is looking to build upon their lead as they face a tough opponent in Hoffenheim this weekend. After Bayern blew a lead against Leverkusen, Dortmund fans rejoiced.

Many are still sceptical of their ability to retain the lead that they have and win the title but if Bayern continues to help them like they did last week that might not be a tough job to accomplish. With that being said they need to be much better than last week when they drew 1-1 against Frankfurt. It’s not a bad result since Frankfurt is one the few teams that might challenge the top sine their unexpected good play this season. 

On the other hand, Hoffenheim has been playing as was expected of them. They play solid and still retain some chances to see European football that season. In order to do that they will have to step up their play.

Dortmund vs Hoffenheim live stream info, lineups and live score

Recently their form suggests that they’re not playing that good since every now and then they will win a game but mostly they drew against similar teams and lost against better teams. A visit to Dortmund will prove as the hardest challenge they faced this season because of the host’s exceptional play at home this season. What might help them is the fact that Dortmund does have a midweek match against Werder? 

Despite all of those facts, Hoffenheim fans are probably not optimistic as Hoffenheim just don’t possess to quality to challenge a Dortmund team especially if they play the way they can play.

They haven’t been doing it recently but even this bleaker version of Dortmund didn’t lose against teams far better than Hoffenheim. If Borussia plays a weak match maybe the guests get a draw but even that outcome is farfetched.


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