Bayern interested in Kai Havertz


Fresh reports from Germany are saying that Bayern is seriously considering a bid for Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Kai Havertz. Nobody should be surprised by this news as Havertz along with Jadon Sancho is Bundesliga’s premier young player. As we have seen many times in the past Bayern does like to get other teams young stars (Neuer, Goretzka).

The supposed amount they are willing to offer is 75 million euros which is a lot but in today’s market for a young superstar, it’s about right. But reports are also suggesting that Leverkusen want 100 million euros for their player which is understandable because they will only have one chance to cash him in properly and if they don’t seize that opportunity they will regret it for a long time.

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The other thing that might play a part in this is the fact that Leverkusen traditionally refuses to make any deals with Bayern. The last Leverkusen player that Bayern wanted seriously was Arturo Vidal some eight years ago and were offering a substantial amount of money for him but the club ultimately decided not to sell him to Bayern but to Juventus and for half the price.

So rumblings of Bayern needing to overpay massively for a Leverkusen player probably have merit but again if they offer the biggest amount out of any team it’s hard to see how Leverkusen will say no to that.

As for the player itself, a move to Bayern may be good  but it all depends on the amount of playing time he gets. It has to be said that he might get a lot of playing time as Bayern will undergo a hefty transformation next season and he could easily carve out a place amidst lack a of real competition.


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